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SP 2


SP2 / Studio Pantheon II was formed in 1988 by the architect, Mr. Joseph Fung. The company is based in Hong Kong and focuses primarily on architectural and interior design for exclusive, private, high-end residential properties. Additionally, the company has also provided architectural / interior services for important corporate offices, hotels and government institutions.

Prior to the founding of Studio Pantheon II, Mr. Fung received his Master of Architecture degree from Harvard University and subsequently worked in the offices of I.M. Pei in New York and Palmer and Turner Architects and Engineers in Hong Kong. 

SP2 / Studio Pantheon II operates as a small design studio with an international professional staff of about 12 architects, designers and technical managers. All project designs benefit from SP2’s specific expertise in the areas of creative planning, fine detailing, exceptional material sourcing and close coordination with artisans, craftsmen and specialist contractors. Buildings and interiors designed by SP2 have received numerous design awards and commendations. 

SP2’s clients include prominent members of Hong Kong society, major developers of luxury properties and international corporations.


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